By: Nicole Kent

Your words ring truth but your actions prove lies
Leading those in a round-about—a path they will soon despise

You speak sweet things but cause inner turmoil
Playing Satan’s game—the snake ready to spring from his coil

Why do you drown others with the burden of implied imperfection
Yet pushing those away who try to help you with your own soul’s flawed reflection

You believe the lie that you are never wrong
That God has deemed your path correct—your eternal life’s song

But the God I know would never treat someone that way
Looking at the heart instead of what you put on display

Your path confuses those who wish to know God more
For your words turn lies by the actions never sought—just ignored

You play the victim in your own reality
But many have come to know that this pretentious view is only skin deep

I pray for you and the detrimental path you have chosen
For God didn’t want this for you either—that you wouldn’t be bound to it—frozen

Wake-up, wake-up dear scoffer—oh Pharisee
That there is a wonderful relationship with God that you have feigned to see and believe


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