Hello friends!

My name is Nicole, and I began writing on my blog On the Cliff of Life several years ago…when my life decided to take a drastic turn with my downward-spiral of health.

I was chronically ill for 3 ½ years (which began after I had my wisdom teeth extracted at age 17). I acquired numerous food allergies, chronic pain, extreme weakness, chronic fatigue, MCS, etc.

After I adopted a natural/organic life, my foot was pulled out of death’s door…but I was still ill with many food allergies. I may have been further from death, but I continued having health issues. This is when I began to feast my eyes on the Bible…day and night, searching for the verses of healing of long ago.

“So, faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17 NASB

I accepted God as my healer in 2015.

I am healed.

I am free.

No more pain or food allergies.

Now, as I continue to write, I still see that there are “cliffs” that need to be overcome in life.

There are valleys, mountains, and cliffs that will come upon us in life. Some are stagnant, some have great views, and some test our strength on the edge of a cliff…

So please join me for the many adventures ahead.


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