Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I began my natural healing journey a year after becoming sick from my wisdom teeth extractions in 2011 (I was around 18 years old). After this surgery, I became extremely fatigued (sleeping around 16 hours a day), I had chronic pain throughout my whole body (mostly focused on my left side), severe brain fog (forgetting short term memories), I acquired numerous food allergies and intolerances, the tendons in my neck disappeared which caused strained breathing (I assume due to the bacteria from my extraction areas traveling into my throat), I became uber weak (too tired to trim my own nails), my MCS got so bad that I dreaded going out due to the environmental scents and people’s perfumes making me SUPER fatigued and causing my throat to get tight, and I was afraid to fall asleep because it felt like I was loosing consciousness every time I tried to get some rest. I became a shell of a person I once was…

I went from doctor-to-doctor, a couple trips to E.R., and many different blood tests; we still had no answers to what was going on in my body. No one believed there was a connection with the wisdom teeth extractions and the ill health that began right after…

My mom and I began researching the web for answers and I finally came across a gal like me! Although, she had found the connection of teeth extractions and chronic illnesses! Cavitation of the jawbone is an infection that is very common but not well-known. See mygutsy.com for more information.

After finding out how the jawbone infection affects the body, we began the journey of holistic healing by changing my diet, lifestyle, ozone injections into my cavitation sites, etc. I no longer have pain, my brain fog has improved so much, my tendons reappeared on my neck and I can breathe better, I am becoming stronger each day, my MCS is improving, and I sleep fine…but I am still restricted with my diet and such…

Update 2015: I am completely healed. šŸ˜Š God led me to accept Him as my Healer, and I no longer have the symptoms that I had before! No more reactions to foods, no more chronic fatigue, etc. Come and walk with me as I “break in” these new shoes that God has given me for the path/journey/cliff set before me. Let us go together on the adventure of climbing the cliff of life!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional nor do I hold any dietary/medical license. This website is not intended to diagnose or cure disease. I suggest that you speak with your health care professional or holistic healer before making any dramatic lifestyle changes and/or dramatic dietary changes. This website is about my health journey, healthful cooking, and my writings.



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