Pure as Snow

Pure as Snow


Me: *Points to area on white shirt.*

Me: “But what about this spot?”

God: “I don’t see anything.”

Me: *Points to new area on shirt*

 Me: “What about this dirty stain? This one has to be the worst yet.”

God: “I see you pure as snow. Why do you keep searching for old stains that aren’t there anymore?”

Me: “I remember them…are they always to haunt me?”

God: “Were you not forgiven? Was My Son’s sacrifice not enough for you?”

Me: “I know it should be, but the bullies of past…their words feel like words etched deeper than the shirt. Like I am always to see myself through their eyes.”

God: “You have put much in man’s opinion of you…find your identity in Me. Every time you remember the hurts & the pains, remember Me. Every time you remember the wrongs done unto you or even your own wrongdoings, remember Me…”

Me: *Stops searching for the marks of the past and focuses on God.*

God: “…every time you feel like searching your pure white shirt, remember that it was bestowed upon you. Remember that I have given you the greatest stain remover, an eternal one…lasting forever…remember Me.”

Finding the Mustard and God…

Finding the Mustard and God…

Have you ever searched for God in everything…but forgot God Himself?

You know that you’ve done it…you’re looking for the mustard in the fridge but cannot seem to find it. You go through EVERY SINGLE SHELF but it still avoids catching your eye. You walk away, just to return with all the more perseverance of a squirrel filling its cheeks with nuts.
You NEED to know where it is…you begin to feel like you’ve overlooked it.
You finally complain to a family member that you cannot find the mustard, so logically, there must be NO MUSTARD (said with a vengeance). Your family member (let’s call her “Barb” because we are annoyed and she has become like barbed-wire), walks up to the fridge and pulls out the mustard that was sitting right in front of you THIS ENTIRE TIME.
Why does it seem easier for others to find things while we have been searching…and searching…and search-you get the point.

Let’s just say that you may have gotten caught up with the “searching” instead of the “finding.”

There are times that I get overwhelmed with the searching for God in many Christian books that I come across…because some contradict each other. How will I know the truth? Hmmm…”I guess that I should keep searching and maybe-just-maybe one or two authors will agree and I will find God and the truth. My friend, ‘Barb’ seems to know what’s what…I must figure out what she has that I don’t have.”
Can you see the tangled mess up above? It seems that I have gotten caught up with the search of God and His truths that I forgot that I can just talk to God Himself! He has given us a great compass (Jesus) for a mysteriously written map (Bible). Barb just knows where the mustard is at (where God is at) and that is right here, right now (in the fridge in front of the milk and honey).

Have a little mustard seed faith…it’s hidden with the blessings of milk and honey.


Road Trip

Road Trip

Running with endurance reminds me of driving a car…I scan the road ahead to see if any objects get in my way (looking for stumbling blocks in my life), glance in the rear-view mirror (my past-which should not be dwelled upon but rather glanced at to remember from where I’ve come), and focus on my end goal. I do not see the whole journey ahead of me…there will be twists, bumps, and possibly crashes (which seems to put a stop in the journey-but instead, strengthens you for the rough roads ahead)…I do not have time to dwell on these things, for there is a greater calling to get back on this road again and finish what was started.

I have recently been stuck in the web of thoughts on what I should do in my life. My “car” began to stall and instead of going anywhere, I wasted time on what I imagined I could do instead of doing it. Have you ever had those days? Where you think that you could do something better in life but forget what you could do in a day with what you have? Hmmm…