In Valleys, In Hills, In Glorious Mountains

By: Nicole K.

The battles you are fighting are never small
For you must practice climbing hills before mountains so tall
From far away the high cliffs look scary and steep
But as you take the first step, you realize you are no longer weak
Now, it seems more possible to accomplish what you once desired
Facing your fear; walking away from the eternal fire
Strengthen your legs as you follow Him
By starting in the valley and hills that lead to the mountain
Do not feel the failure when you trip and fall
For the One who is with you can and will heal all
The high cliffs are just the beginning of earth’s end
There is yet a greater journey just around the bend
Where sorrow and tears will flow no more
As we stand in front of heaven’s open doors
So, let us start this adventure that is ahead
And follow the One who died for us and freely bled



It wasn’t in the clay or the sand
But the power of Jesus’ hand
It wasn’t the oil or the baptizing water
Not the clay but the Potter
We look to creation to take our woes and illness away
When the Creator is there for you every night and everyday
He who formed you knows what you need
To repent of your past and to know of His deed
He longs to be with you in the good times and the bad
To comfort you, love you, correct you as the Heavenly Dad
So turn to Him, O broken souls
And find healing by giving Him control

Ministry (Poem)

Ministry (Poem)


by: Nicole Kent 4/8/15

  • I imagine the ministry in where God wants me to be
  • Concocting plans in my mind-manipulated by those around me
  • Striving, pleasing, never reaching the goal that I set
  • Finally realizing that this was not of my heart-but a feeling of debt
  • I crumpled and fell to my knees
  • As I reevaluated who I was trying to please
  • For God has given each of us a different journey-a different plan
  • But I listened to myself and every person-every demand
  • Now I know that in every ministry there will always be a need
  • But we must turn our ears to God amongst the crowd’s unending pleads
  • God will use us if we allow
  • Where you’re at in life…right here, right now
Struggles in a Sick World

Struggles in a Sick World

Oh, how I have longed to be free
To go on the adventures in places of where I’ve wanted to be
But oh, how I am trapped in this body, this jail
Weakness has set in my bones making my strength to fail
Have I forgotten how to be content where ever I may be?
Speaking to God and asking Him to hear my ever-wanting pleas
I dream of a different life of where I am strong as a ram
But here I am, instead, being a weak, little lamb
Does not God make His power shine through the weak and not in the strong?
Taking down our barriers of pride, for only in this temple will He happily abide and truly belong
Oh, how You have stripped me clean of all the strength I contained
Truly relying on You through this hardship and this pain
I feel like an artichoke whose petals have been taken away
Revealing a vulnerable heart that no longer can keep an enemy at bay
Though, have I confused an enemy and a friend?
For one takes from you but the other willingly lends
Oh, Lord, how I have been blind
Through this process my thoughts have become confused and intertwined
Though a ram maybe strong and may know what to do
A lamb, contrary, depends completely on You
Has this been Your lesson all along?
Showing my weakness so that in me You are made strong?
Thank You, oh Lord, for the mysteries You reveal
In the quiet moments where only Your words I feel
Battle of the Mind

Battle of the Mind

Below is a journal entry of mine that ends with a poem and I thought that I would share it with anyone who is willing to read this miscellaneous writing…

I find that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I fight the battle of the mind. It is very easy to give into the thoughts and ideas of fantasies where you control the “movie or book in your head.”
The mind is where the true battle field is…I am finding out now that I have been fighting with the sword backwards, pointing at myself. I wanted to win these beginnings of war, I also wanted to lose, for I enjoyed (too much) of picturing myself as someone else and going on imaginary adventures and (of course) romance, but I was injuring myself for “one cannot serve God and flesh at the same time.” Serving both felt like there was a bomb about to explode inside of me!

Here is a poem by: Nikicks…

When having a rough day
I would go into my mind and play
Instead of gaining God’s peace
I rented my mind out for lease
Oh how I wish I could’ve escaped with my imagination-the old foe
Where I could control my fantasy life and where it would go
I looked for acceptance from God in all that I did
Instead, He corrected me, I felt ashamed, and from Him I hid
My life became sour
As the Enemy gained a foothold over me and gained power
I knew that I had to make a choice
Asking for God’s help in silencing the Enemy’s voice
But Satan does not go without a fight
So I resisted him and watched him take flight
Oh, how I felt powerful that day
Choosing God and with Him at my side and the sword pointing the right way
I know in time to come there will be more battles surrounding me
Some will be large and some hard to see
So God, prepare me for combat and the war
For You have already defeated Satan by the sins that Your Son bore

An Illness. A Journey.

An Illness. A Journey.

Poem by: Nkicks

Acting like everything is all right
So that my emotions are hidden-out of sight
I thought being locked up in a tower-hidden away
Would cause misery from being sick day-to-day
But I have seen blessings in the darkest hour
A flicker of light-a growing power
For God knows what is good for me
In Him I shall put my burdens, in Him I will believe
So Lord, take my sorrows and lead the way
Guide my feet and may I not be led astray

Some days are tough being chronically ill… I find that there is an amazing peace when bringing my sorrows before God. Anyone else suffering from a chronic illness?

Living Life

Living Life

Living Life by: Nikicks

There was a day
When I let the enemy have his way
To every love and kindness I became blind
and I began to lose my peaceful mind
All because I did not have the heavenly armor on
The protection of God was almost gone
The narrow path grew dark with my shame
Oh how the Lord is merciful with His holy name
for now I am cleansed by the Greatest Sacrifice
Jesus’ pure blood will only suffice
Now let not my eyes drift away
but be guided by Your light night and day