“Beam me up, Goddie”

“Beam me up, Goddie”

  Some days it feels like you want to say to God, “Beam me up Scottie,” or “Beam me up Goddie.” Okay…that was a bit cheesy.

(picture credit: unknown)

The burdens, the tribulations, the trials, the feeling like your trapped in your own body due to illness, and everything else that doesn’t just go as “plan A,” seems to weigh heavy upon your shoulders…and you are wanting the peace of heaven something fierce.
 Instead of God beginning an early rapture, He gave me a realization of what is truly happening behind the chaos and fleshly veil…
 When I continually give up the temptation of escaping reality by dreaming of my perfect world and close the door to the evil one who is trying to lead me astray with thoughts, I was hit on a different side…in a spot that I was very sore. 
 The evil one used those dear to me to bring up past insecurities and hurts that I had as a kid, causing me to draw inward. The wanting to escape reality and go to the perfect picture in my mind was tempting yet again…
No! I would not be snared into this situation again! Instead I’ll ask God to begin the rapture right now…
Hmmm…have I forgotten that I hold the sword of the Spirit in my hand? One battle was won but once the enemy licks his wounds, restores his strength, brings some of his “friends”…there will be a battle yet again. They tried to penetrate my mind yet again but when I refused to do so…they had a back-up plan. Their plan was to make reality so distasteful and unlivable by using those who have been strong and steady in my life, become weak and hurtful in a mind’s-eye. Don’t-get-me-wrong, it wasn’t just their actions that penetrated my armor but the preparation of my own thoughts towards them. 
Do you remember King Theoden from “Lord of the Rings, ” and how he was poisoned by Wormtongue…and how this whisperer-in-the-ear turned him against the people who only wanted to help him? 
(Picture credit: Unknown)
Many times Satan (or one of his minions) will get us worked up about a person by whispering thoughts in our ears. We will get worked up to a point that one little action from said person can make us overreact with our own hurt. Who knows, maybe Satan was beating down your friend/loved one pretty hard and the hurtful words you said to your friend puts him in a lower state. We are all fighting a battle…


Conversation between God and I:
Me: Jesus, is this another reason You went into the mountains? To get a “breather” from those who You called brothers and sisters but knew they were going to hurt You…betray You?
Answer: …and I forgave them.


Well, if that wasn’t a Bible-slap-to-the-face, I don’t know what is!


Here are the steps of forgiveness I went through:
1. Hurt.
2. Thinking back to similar situations where I’ve been wronged by said person (the evil one was a big help with this area!).
3. Realizing that I forgave their past wrongs to me and forbade my mind from holding the past FORGIVEN hurts against them.
4. Forgiving the present hurts and putting the burden of hurt before God.
5. Asking God to close the doors that were open for the attack, and applying the full armor of God on my body (speaking out loud and applying each article of armor to my being).
6. Asking God how I can pray about this situation and how I can pray for the friend/loved one and if I should bring up this situation to the friend/loved one (asking them for prayer).

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