Well, THAT was fun…

Well, THAT was fun…

Well, THAT was fun…
I was home alone when someone was doing “finger push-ups” on the doorbell…I finally checked the windows (with the mission impossible theme song playing in my head) to see who it was…our propane guy.
Barefooted, I ran the “get-the-propane-guy’s-attention-marathon” to our junk drawer, grabbed the gate key and jumped over some dog poop to get to my destination…the backyard gate. With the speed of a jackrabbit, the lock was thrown off the gate as I awkwardly made my way towards his truck. Step by step I sneaked up to the passenger truck window…not seeing the driver at first until I got closer. I gave him an awkward wave. He got out of his truck and introduced himself…I did NOT register his name for I then realized what I looked like in the eyes of a propane guy…


I told PG (propane guy) that Duke is friendly, all-the-while thankful that our small dogs were inside…
I decided to make it easier on PG, and bring DUKE inside. I call Duke over but instead of him coming inside, TWO of our little mutts escaped, barking with the fury of a cat thrown into water! I ran, yelling at the dogs to come to me but who would want to come to a loud-voiced human who is irritated? 😐
Finally, I caught-up to my dog and grabbed him while he was in mid-pee, kept on scolding Tula, and called Duke over. I did a quick look at PG who had the propane truck hose ready to come into our backyard but was held back for some reason…I saw it on his face. FEAR. Was it fear of the little dogs or fear of the crazed, hair going every-which-way, dog-chasing, dog-scolding human with the old clothes? Well, let’s just say his surprised/scared eyes weren’t on the dogs.

I ended up bringing all the dogs in the house (I think God felt sorry for me and FINALLY made the dogs understand my threats). I did not look back even once…although, I did listen…and a large amount of minutes passed before I heard the guy in our backyard.

*Sigh* I think both PG and I learned something today…I learned to handle crazy situations (even when I myself look crazy) and PG learned to face his fears (even if it took him a few minutes to step foot in our backyard again).

πŸ‘†Don’t let this cute pic of one of our pups fool you…if someone comes in our backyard, this dog is like a hungry mosquito when it first senses blood.

Finding the Mustard and God…

Finding the Mustard and God…

Have you ever searched for God in everything…but forgot God Himself?

You know that you’ve done it…you’re looking for the mustard in the fridge but cannot seem to find it. You go through EVERY SINGLE SHELF but it still avoids catching your eye. You walk away, just to return with all the more perseverance of a squirrel filling its cheeks with nuts.
You NEED to know where it is…you begin to feel like you’ve overlooked it.
You finally complain to a family member that you cannot find the mustard, so logically, there must be NO MUSTARD (said with a vengeance). Your family member (let’s call her “Barb” because we are annoyed and she has become like barbed-wire), walks up to the fridge and pulls out the mustard that was sitting right in front of you THIS ENTIRE TIME.
Why does it seem easier for others to find things while we have been searching…and searching…and search-you get the point.

Let’s just say that you may have gotten caught up with the “searching” instead of the “finding.”

There are times that I get overwhelmed with the searching for God in many Christian books that I come across…because some contradict each other. How will I know the truth? Hmmm…”I guess that I should keep searching and maybe-just-maybe one or two authors will agree and I will find God and the truth. My friend, ‘Barb’ seems to know what’s what…I must figure out what she has that I don’t have.”
Can you see the tangled mess up above? It seems that I have gotten caught up with the search of God and His truths that I forgot that I can just talk to God Himself! He has given us a great compass (Jesus) for a mysteriously written map (Bible). Barb just knows where the mustard is at (where God is at) and that is right here, right now (in the fridge in front of the milk and honey).

Have a little mustard seed faith…it’s hidden with the blessings of milk and honey.