The Journey I am Currently On

The Journey I am Currently On

In the previous blog posts I have been writing of my past health journey, but now I am going to write about what I am currently doing and, who knows, maybe I will go back and reminisce about the past… 🙂

Right now, at this VERY moment, I am on a health program called, “Nutritional Balancing.” Nutritional Balancing goes by a hair analysis test to see what toxic metals/toxins are in your body and what organs are stressed (this is cool, right? No painful blood tests for me). Then you will be given supplements to support your organs/glands and there are detoxification measures that will help support your body while getting rid of the toxic nastiness and replace the heavy metals with minerals (Sauna, foot reflexology, etc. read more here: nutritional balancing info. OH! I cannot forget one of the MOST important part of this program… THE DIET! Yes, food is very important on “NB.” The diet should be 70-80% vegetables with 3-5 oz. of meat, 4 oz. raw dairy (if you can handle dairy), and 10% whole grains (although I cannot do grains often due to it feeding the bad bacteria which is overly prominent in my body). If you would like to try the “free program” to see what it is like, go to the following: free program.

I have been on this program for almost a year! My body/health improvements are as follows:
-new hair growth (my hair was coming out in handfuls before NB)
-overall body swelling is down!!! My jean size would fluctuate from a size 7 to a size 12.
-the painful sores on my back are gone! 😀 Within 4-5 months, the painful sores disappeared.
-I can think more clearly! I was VERY forgetful and had poor concentration after my wisdom teeth extractions, but this rarely happens now as I detox the metals cause the “brain fog.” Do you suffer from brain fog and poor concentration? Check out the info on brain fog here: brain fog.
-Some of my food allergies are GONE! I can now have corn, asparagus, and lamb!
-I have more energy! I can read, crochet, knit, play the accordion, go for walks, due archery, work in my veggie garden, and drive myself places. 🙂 These are things that I didn’t think I would ever be able to do again…
-My skin is more vibrant and barely has any acne (I used to have severe acne)
-My sugar-tolerance is improving (I can have an occasional apple which used to make me sick).

There are many things that I could write about Nutritional Balancing and I will give more info on this program in the future…but for now I will leave a link to Dr. Wilson’s website… (one of the dudes that is behind this awesomeness).



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