Where is my Compass?

Where is my Compass?

Why have I become angry when reading the Bible? Because I have read with my fleshly eyes…I was searching for a “yes” or a “no” answer but there were/are numerous possibilities. In other words I have searched for a “black or white” answer but I have been seeing some grey areas…and also areas with many colors. These rainbow-like and grey areas are something I cannot understand myself but only with the help from Who’s lips the Bible was written can I grasp the meaning.
Now I see that our loving Father has given us the Word to be like a map…and all I was missing was the Compass (God to lead me in faith and understanding).
The “map” is amazing to behold as you search through the old stories of the walks with God that man had…but where does your life correspond with those stories? Ask God.

Conclusion: Let God lead you in the reading of the Word. Let the Compass show you the way of the map and let the map prove that the instructions are coming forth from the Compass and not a deceiving spirit.


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