Destruction Awaits in a Turnout

Destruction Awaits in a Turnout

Sometimes I put my cross down and take a break on the side of the road of life. In that little turnout I see all my troubles that have come my way as I grab for the ball-and-chain of self-pity. After awhile I decide to take up my cross again. Boy, this seems heavier than before…I wonder why God put such a weighty burden on me? Soon I stagger near the edge of the road, trying to get on with my life, but for some reason I cannot reach my short destination. My body begins to crumble beneath the bulky weight of the cross along with the heavy ball and chain. It seems that I cannot carry both these burdens. The ball-and-chain of self-pity plagues me with thoughts of myself. You are weak. You cannot do this. Look at how you were before…do you think you have changed much? You could have done something far more great in life.
With little hope left inside of me, I begin to hear a still but faint voice parting the waves of the destructive thoughts…Yes, you are weak but I am strong and in Me you will find your strength. I have given you a new life and, therefore, the things of the past are no more. Do not look on what the world has to offer you but focus on Me and the promises I have made.
I grew sick of self pity’s voice, and so I threw off the ball and chain and reached for my cross. Self-pity tried to grab hold of me but I began to run as it’s pleas filled my head but as soon as I jumped onto the narrow road, self-pity’s pleas stopped. I realized that my cross felt lighter and easy to carry compared to the ball-and-chain. Boy, now I never want to take a break in a turn-out EVER again. Although, I know that if I get distracted by a temptation off this narrow road, God will help me overcome whatever ball-and-chain awaits me. There are many tests and trials along the path of life.20140910-213324-77604209.jpg


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