Deathly Steps in a Camp

Deathly Steps in a Camp

My journey part 3…
I began working up at a Christian camp, and everyday I felt like I was going to collapse. I was a milkshake girl which required scooping out ice cream (this is how I found out my allergy to nuts).
One particular night I was taking Motrin for pain, Zertec for allergies and birth control for my acne (which was my last resort for acne). I believe that I accidentally overdosed due to my uber-bad brain fog and which caused me to not think clearly…and then I touched the almond ice cream.
I had been slightly intolerant to nuts but nothing like an anaphylactic reaction…until this one crazy night. My arms broke out in hives and I could barely breath! I think it was the combination of the meds (weakening my body) and almonds because I became severely allergic to nuts after this reaction.
So what do you think I did? I was stubborn and continued to work as I was literally crying on the inside. This was so stupid.
I finally mentioned to my coworker around midnight (we were closing up the snack place) that I think I should go to the nurse and I showed her my hive-covered arms. I was hoping deep down that she would take me but I was stupid enough to not make this known to her. She told me that I should wait till the next morning and see how I felt. Ha. I was fighting passing out all the way back to my room.
I can’t remember if I just fell into my top bunk with my work clothes still on or not…it is kind of a blur. I do remember that I needed to go the nurse because as soon as I fell into my mattress my whole body felt like it was shutting down and I was so weak that I couldn’t get up from my bed. My voice was gone and I couldn’t call out for my roommates to help me. I cried-a silent cry…I new that my body was dying. There was nothing I could do except ask for God’s help. I begged for healing as my throat felt pencil-thin. Then I saw flashes of bright lights all around me! I told God that I couldn’t go and gave Him reasons why I should stay.
I do not remember how long I stayed up that night or how long I saw those flashes of light, but I suddenly awoke in the morning to my gasping for air. My body felt like a truck ran over it then backed up and ran over it again. Then I felt like the truck and I were picked up in a tornado, tossed around a few times, and thrown back to the ground (where the truck landed on me again).
I was groggy and so “out-of-it” that I actually slept through a mountain lion attacking a deer outside our cabins (apparently it awoke everyone up). Random, right?!
The great thing about this new day were my parents coming to visit and stay in a cabin. My sis (who was working in another department at the camp) came to visit me and was real worried.
I don’t remember but somehow I was able to stay with my parents in their cabin and get the next day off as they watched over me. Though, two days later I tried to go back to work…which ended in an epic fail. I could barely get the trash bag out of the trash can for my strength was not there and I felt like fainting the whole time (plus my breathing was still strained).
My parents packed up to leave and promised to check on me before they left. I almost cried when I saw them walk into the Snack Shop. I told them if they had come earlier, I would’ve had them take me home. Ha! That was all they needed to hear because they talked to my boss about taking me home (he was awesome about this issue). My parents packed me up and took me home. I have never felt such a great relief as that day.
I did not have to push myself to be someone I wasn’t anymore…someone who was healthy.
Even though going home was a great comfort, I was becoming more sick every single day…which I will continue to talk about in the next post of my journey.


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