Battle of the Mind

Battle of the Mind

Below is a journal entry of mine that ends with a poem and I thought that I would share it with anyone who is willing to read this miscellaneous writing…

I find that when I wake up in the middle of the night, I fight the battle of the mind. It is very easy to give into the thoughts and ideas of fantasies where you control the “movie or book in your head.”
The mind is where the true battle field is…I am finding out now that I have been fighting with the sword backwards, pointing at myself. I wanted to win these beginnings of war, I also wanted to lose, for I enjoyed (too much) of picturing myself as someone else and going on imaginary adventures and (of course) romance, but I was injuring myself for “one cannot serve God and flesh at the same time.” Serving both felt like there was a bomb about to explode inside of me!

Here is a poem by: Nikicks…

When having a rough day
I would go into my mind and play
Instead of gaining God’s peace
I rented my mind out for lease
Oh how I wish I could’ve escaped with my imagination-the old foe
Where I could control my fantasy life and where it would go
I looked for acceptance from God in all that I did
Instead, He corrected me, I felt ashamed, and from Him I hid
My life became sour
As the Enemy gained a foothold over me and gained power
I knew that I had to make a choice
Asking for God’s help in silencing the Enemy’s voice
But Satan does not go without a fight
So I resisted him and watched him take flight
Oh, how I felt powerful that day
Choosing God and with Him at my side and the sword pointing the right way
I know in time to come there will be more battles surrounding me
Some will be large and some hard to see
So God, prepare me for combat and the war
For You have already defeated Satan by the sins that Your Son bore


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