An Illness. A Journey.

An Illness. A Journey.

Poem by: Nkicks

Acting like everything is all right
So that my emotions are hidden-out of sight
I thought being locked up in a tower-hidden away
Would cause misery from being sick day-to-day
But I have seen blessings in the darkest hour
A flicker of light-a growing power
For God knows what is good for me
In Him I shall put my burdens, in Him I will believe
So Lord, take my sorrows and lead the way
Guide my feet and may I not be led astray

Some days are tough being chronically ill… I find that there is an amazing peace when bringing my sorrows before God. Anyone else suffering from a chronic illness?

Living Life

Living Life

Living Life by: Nikicks

There was a day
When I let the enemy have his way
To every love and kindness I became blind
and I began to lose my peaceful mind
All because I did not have the heavenly armor on
The protection of God was almost gone
The narrow path grew dark with my shame
Oh how the Lord is merciful with His holy name
for now I am cleansed by the Greatest Sacrifice
Jesus’ pure blood will only suffice
Now let not my eyes drift away
but be guided by Your light night and day